About Me

Hey friends and strangers

My name is Alyona or you can call me Ally. I also have several nicknames. Some of my friends call me a ‘Curious mind’ because I love learning new things all the time and tend to ask people a lot of questions. Others call me ‘Adventurous’ highlighting my tendency to frequently move and live across the world. There are other names such as ‘Free spirit’, ‘Trouble on two legs’ or even ‘Ruthless’ (my most recent one). I do not really know which one of them best describes me. But what I am sure about, is that both my soul and being are passionate about behavioural science and this has resulted in the fact that I am happy in my everyday life. That is the only secret in my story and I would be delighted to share every helpful tip with you such as how to avoid living on an automatic mode. My end goal is that you may start having a more joyful life instead of boredom and dissatisfaction.

I have BS in Human Resources and a Masters degree in Behavioural Science. Human behaviour and reasons why people make (or don’t) certain decisions in their lives are both subjects that greatly interest me naturally. I do really believe in people and my greatest passion is helping individuals to pursue their true passions and dreams. I am also keen on innovative ways to develop local communities where people have a chance to live up to their potential and do what they love doing. For example, one of my new ideas of which I am currently working on is my own enterprise project SONAS; designing behavioural toolkit for companies to create happier workplaces.

Briefly about my hobbies. I love taking photos of special bridges without any reason, besides the fact I just love them. Some of these bridges you will find in my posts. I am also keen on diving.  I find the sea world very similar to space and dives help to reset my mind and explore creeping on my brain fears.
My other passions are arts and traveling as they both inspire me a lot. I am very keen on visiting art galleries and festivals and am also fascinated by watching performances and street arts. I do believe that artists are able to give a message that appeals to a soul whilst avoiding our irrational minds.

I love discovering local cultures and spend lots of time with local people when traveling around the world. Having the opportunity to live in three totally different parts of the worlds; the UK, India and Russia, I realised that despite enormous differences in food, habits or lifestyle, there is, in fact, a few universal things that are common. People from any parts of the world simply wish to be healthy, happy and have some meaning in their lives.

There is one more thing about me: it is Casper. My friends all know him very well, he is just as adorable as the grumpy Persian cat. He is the smartest cat I have ever met and knows how to make decisions better than I do. He appears in my posts to make you smile and maybe learn something from his cat’s perspective.

I think that is more than enough about me at the moment. Although I will be sure to keep you all updated if there is anything else interesting to share with you.