Recommended resources

Books that inspired me to create happiness advice with the hint of humour

If you really want a powerful, easy and humorous guidance about why we are what we are and how can we help us to get out of our personal troubles – this is the book to read. Ruby Wax is one of my favourite bright personalities being honest, weird, experimental and a true human. She is both an extraordinary comedian and a high level expert in with in mindfulness. She is the one who doesn’t make things up, instead diving deeply in scientific and spiritual concepts, try them all and provide her understanding how they all work. Highly recommend to this book to all my friends and followers.

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I love absolutely every product of the creative studio ‘Lastlemon’. They perceive the world by their souls and communicate in a very simple way – sharing their emotional graphics with people across the globe. Lisa’s and Ralf’s books with sketches are terrific and very inspiring. ‘Happiness is.. 500 things about’ is one of my favourites in my ‘cozyness’ theme at home. There is a sketch for anyone appealing to a tiny part of the heart making you smile. Helps to switch the mind off and reset the attention back to little important things that make us happy

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Dan Ariely is one of those contemporary scientists who has a rare talent – transforming massive amount of knowledge into quirky experiments to communicate powerful findings on any level. I will constantly refer to Dan’s work explaining why we make certain decisions in our lives. ‘Irrationally yours’ is an engaging read covering plenty of everyday life (often weird) topics that bother us and affect how we feel about ourselves or other people. The format is easy – short and sharp replies to individuals who send their questions to Dan. I found plenty of useful tips there.

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