What did you want to do when you were a child? Why?

A journalist because they travel a lot. But when I was very little I wanted to be a farmer because I grew up in the village.


What do you do for a living?

I organise people’s holidays. I help those who are very tired to rejuvenate. I am also a minor problem solver.


What do you like about your job?

I like to achieve challenging goals, I also like make people happier. It is very cool to see how people change on the second day of their holiday.


What you don’t like in your current profession/job?

I don’t like people. I hate when they are bothering me with their requests (I know it is totally opposite to what I said above, but that’s what I am). I am very annoyed if I don’t have a chance to be alone or to switch off for sometime. Multitasking sucks the energy right out of me and I feel drained.


5 things you truly love:

  • Sweets and cakes but not chocolate. Can’t live without them. I especially turn to sweets when I am angry or need to concentrate as I feel they help.
  • To be alone or to go somewhere new where I know no-one. I love to be quiet, I think it helps to recover from work overload and lets me recharge.
  • Travelling by planes, cars or any other transport.
  • Creating something tangible.
  • Everything new – visiting new places, learning skills, trying new food etc.


5 things you absolutely hate:

  • More than anything I hate people lying.
  • I hate cold food and cups of tea.
  • Big events and groups of people if there is no way to escape
  • I don’t like to work in the team and with people in general.
  • I hate restrictions such as the 9 to 5 working day, strict norms and rules.


5 things that inspire you

  • Experts
  • When there is a bright example of professional success
  • New places or changes. This helps to think different.
  • Learning new skills
  • Knowledge


Favourite drinks:

  • Rum
  • Black tea


Your self-control failures:

  • To live according to the schedule
  • To follow routine
  • To cut down on sweets


The bravest decisions/achievements in life:

  • When I left home after a high school
  • A couple of camping trips
  • One brave publishing strat-up


What are your dreams that you wish to work on:

Some Personal dreams


What do you collect?



Do you have a talisman/mascot that you believe brings you luck? If so, what is it?

My backpack. I carry with me only the essential things. Sometimes those things are strange and hardly used.


Typical words or phrases you keep saying while talking:

  • ‘Ta’ – a Ukrainian unique version of Yes
  • How funny!


What help do you need to live happier?

  • Some money would help a lot:)
  • I’d love to be left alone – this makes me truly happier.